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I found these cute kids playing at Billy Bear's Playground
This guy comes from ASL Free Download

ADCO Hearing Products has lots of figurines doing the "ILY" sign.

I found these cute little guys at the Animation Factory.


Visit this section of our website for Handmade Glass Art Beads & Resources, Cross Stitch Patterns, Machine Embroidery Patterns, Backgrounds, and other fun stuff relating to Sign Language.

sitI just finished working on a PowerPoint presentation of the ASL Fingerspelling Alphabet. I thought this was for someone who was going to use it as a teaching tool, but it turns out it was a homework assignment. I've done my share of homework, so please don't ask me to do yours! The only person you're cheating is yourself. So, now that I've spent the time to create this resource, I'll share it with all of you. If you want a copy of the program, right click on the underlined text in this paragraph and select "Save Target As". This file is password protected so when you try to open it and it prompts for the password, just click on the 'Read Only' button.

sitBy popular demand, we've just put together an ASL fingerspelling graphic that you can download and print onto blank business card stock (available at your nearest office supply store).

sitASL, SEE, PSL, Signed English...If all those initials confuse you, or you've heard about them but just don't really understand how they differ, this is a very good explanation that was sent to me: ASL, SEE Sign, and Signed English

sitCheck out our page on Improving Signing Skills.

sitA visitor to this web site wanted some cards that she could pass out to family and friends that listed a few ways in which they could play a part in helping the child's language skills to grow. Together we came up with a card, and now we're making it available to you. It's in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format so if you don't have the free Adobe Acrobat reader, get it hereVersion for children who need visual information. If someone would like to help me do a version for children who communicate with sign language, it would be much appreciated.

sitSimplicity Patterns used to offer Quilt Block Pattern # 9534 that offers a hand with a heart in the palm. With very little modification, this pattern could be converted to an ILY handshape. Click on the pattern for an enlarged view.

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