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diamond.gif (952 bytes)The Emergency Email Network - Get Notified of an Emergency by E-mail cell phone or pager from your local, regional and national government sources.

diamond.gif (952 bytes)Tax Time is upon us. Here are some consider:

  • Medical and Dental Expenses: Topic 502 From the IRS
  • Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled - This is if you had to retire early because of a disability.
  • Form 8843 - This is if you are in the US from another country and could not return to your country because of the disability.
  • For info related to taxes in Canada, check out Canada Customs and Revenue Agency's Information for People with Disabilities.

 diamond.gif (952 bytes)Early Identification of Hearing Loss In Infants and Young Children

diamond.gif (952 bytes)The Basics Here is where you will find basic information on communication options, hearing-impairment, aural/oral therapy and techniques, and language stimulation (including hints and tips from other parents).

diamond.gif (952 bytes)Resources in Spanish

diamond.gif (952 bytes)Beyond The Basics Speech Pathology, Audiology, Education and Medical Information & Resources and more.

diamond.gif (952 bytes)The Devices Information and resources on hearing aids, cochlear implants, and assistive listening devices.

diamond.gif (952 bytes)Your Rights - ADA, IDEA, Children's Rights Coordinators, Congress, Legal info....Since IEPs are often a source of problems for many, this page also includes links to information about IEPs.

diamond.gif (952 bytes)Associations & Organizations

diamond.gif (952 bytes)It Matters - Watch this page for any upcoming opportunities to make your voice heard.

diamond.gif (952 bytes)Online Catalog & Product Resources - Professional Therapy Materials & Reference, Educational Materials, Products, Books & Assistive Devices, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (A.A.C.)

diamond.gif (952 bytes)Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

diamond.gif (952 bytes)Online Magazines, Newsgroups, e-mail Groups, & Listservs

diamond.gif (952 bytes)Military Family Resources

diamond.gif (952 bytes)DeafBlind Resources

diamond.gif (952 bytes)Misc. Resources - Web sites that didn't fit in any of the above categories, unsorted sites, sites that fit into more than one category, sites that are lists of links, and people with a hearing loss that have web sites (not about hearing loss).

diamond.gif (952 bytes)Cross Stitch Patterns relating to hearing loss.

diamond.gif (952 bytes)International Resources - Links to web pages abut deafness from sites outside of the USA.

diamond.gif (952 bytes)The Listen Up Book Store - Listen Up has joined forces with to bring you the very best selection of books relating to hearing loss and speech pathology.

diamond.gif (952 bytes)Humor - Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. 

Texas Info

diamond.gif (952 bytes)Backgrounds For Your Pages - Every once in a while we like to play around and create background images. You'll find them on some of our pages. You are welcome to use these as long as you follow their terms of use.


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