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I am currently recording your Listenup cards onto short audio tapes, so our son can be challenged further to listen with "noise". I also have further background noise on when he is listening to the tape, to make it doubly challenging. It's working out well, because it means I can choose when to prepare the lesson, and the session goes faster since it is paced by the tape. I also leave blank sections for our son to tape his answers (like to the What Are They Saying? cards etc) which we then review together. This helps us also pick up mispronunciations or grammatical slip-ups, which are often hard to catch/rectify in natural speech. We never give up, do we?

Thanks to the Listen Up/Talk it up stuff I think I have the only first grader in the school who knows the word "idiom" (and understands the concept) The teachers, etc. are all appropriately impressed    :-)

I showed everyone all the work that you have done. Some of the regular education teachers were amazed at the efforts that you put forth. Everyone is impressed. I will put these materials to good use.

Your kit arrived on Saturday. It looks great, my speech therapist got big eyes and wanted to have one too. I gave her a printout of your web site.

They are some of the best materials that I have seen.

I'm very impressed with the sample! Do you have any objections to me mentioning your program in the next issue of our newsletter?

I purchase most curriculum materials for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Programs for the NYC Board of Educ. I'm interested in purchasing at least one full set of "Listen Up" and "Talk It Up" for our itinerant & Resource Room teachers who work primarily with oral/aural hard of hearing children.

As a Speech Therapist practicing in Johannesburg, South Africa, I am constantly investigating new therapy tools and equipment. I am very impressed with the programme you have developed and as a therapist I see that it may be used in training not only hearing impaired children, but also children with delayed auditory perceptual skills.

Wanted to let you know how we're doing with the set of cards. So far they are great! What I really like is that it's adaptable. My daughter views it as fun- she actually asks to do them.

Your idioms are great! I really appreciate your sending me a copy. By the way, I hope you are getting some orders from a few families I work with --- I've given your card to everyone and they all seemed to be very excited.

Hi! just found out about this great new kit!!! I am ready to order the Listen up and Talk it up-The works! I have gone ahead and made out the check. I would love to get this quickly in time to use it before school lets out. I am a teacher of the hearing impaired, and therapist! It looks great, and I can't wait to get it!!!

Your add on module arrived yesterday....and it is super duper absolutely great! My daughter insisted on playing the game instantly. I told her that we need to cut it apart first, but then we did it without cutting, because she did not want to wait and had such a fun with it.

Thank you very much for your program. It looks very good and just like what I needed.

Thank you for the Listen Up & Talk It Up kit. I would also like for you to send me several of your business cards so that I may distribute them to other parents I know.

I am developing an oral program for our local school district. A therapist I know showed me a copy of your program. It's the best product I've seen for these kids. I must have one!

I think your cards are excellent. I have found ways to use your cards with kids from preschool to middle school. I think more parents need to know about it. I'm amazed at how much work you've put in!

I've talked to the 2 parents you asked me to. I can tell you honestly that they had nothing negative to say! I know constructive criticism is always helpful in perfecting things - but it seems like you've got it just about perfect as it is! They said the kids really enjoy using the cards - one of them says she even uses them in the car as they travel. Also that they've shared them with teachers, therapists, etc. and have gotten nothing but positive comments from them as well. My daughter's therapist and I are both ready to order!


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