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AV THERAPY is just one piece of the AV APPROACH... it is not just a method or a bunch of techniques and strategies. It is a Lifestyle!

Auditory-Verbal International is now integrated with AG Bell. AVI Certification will now be done by the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language.

Locate a Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist®

If you are an Auditory-Verbal Certified Therapist, and are interested in joining the AVT-Cert discussion list, please contact me.

Auditory-Verbal Therapy FAQ

Educating Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Auditory-Verbal. ERIC Digest

The greatest source of inspiration for me has been Life's Lessons. This was Phyllis Feibelman's Banquet Address for an Auditory-Verbal International conference in 1991. Phyllis is the editor of Our Kids Magazine, a magazine sent to members of AG Bell.

Spoken Language Development For Children With Hearing Impairment - Summary of the AVI Conference, March 1, 1997, New Providence, New Jersey

Language Progress with an Auditory-Verbal Approach for Young Children with Hearing Loss by Ellen Rhoades, published in International Pediatrics16 (1), 2000.

Managing the Mainstream by Pamela Talbot M.Ed, CCC-SLP, C.E.D., AVT-Cert - An on-going look at a deaf child, a cochlear implant, and auditory-verbal therapy.

Kids who grew up with the Auditory Verbal Philosophy:

Mardie's CI Progress - She was the first client of Helen Beebe in the 40's. Expanded to include Page 2.
Up: Prophetic Start For Diane - Diane promises an update to her story when she gets the time.

Language Stimulation Ideas - These ideas came from doing AV with my own son.

Language Development - Lots of ideas here for new things to do in therapy.

Discussion Forums:

Hints and Tips from Parents and Therapists - an assortment of ideas from others, many from the AV-Circle listserv.

Natural Communication, Inc. - Don't miss Hear The Kids, Therapy Ideas, and Toy List which describes using toys as language developing tools.

Save the AV Session: What to do when the session is falling apart and you want to save it from going down the drain - a little something that was inspired by a session at AVI's Conference in Baltimore in 2003. A number of Certified AVT's contributed to this document which was compiled and edited by Warren Estabrooks.

Auditory Verbal Training & Consulting - Ellen Rhoades will schedule an Auditory Verbal workshop for your group. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn how to implement the Auditory Verbal approach at your own location.

Sound-Object Associations - A free downloadable module courtesy of Listen Up! and Ellen A. Rhoades Ed.S., Cert. AVT.

Web Sites of Auditory Verbal Therapists & Clinics:

All Ears Auditory-Verbal Therapy - Charissa Powers
Amanda Mangiardi Learning to Listen
Auditory Verbal Center of Atlanta
Auditory-Verbal Clinic - University of Akron School of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
Auditory Verbal Therapy - Emily Jenkins
Auditory Verbal Training - Ellen Rhoades
Charleston Speech & Hearing Center
Children's Hearing Foundation
HEAR in Dallas, Inc. - Linda Daniel
Hear and Say Centre
Helen Beebe Speech & Hearing Center
Little Listeners - Leslie Schumaker
Oxford Auditory-Verbal Programme - Jacqueline Stokes
SPARC (Saskatchewan Pediatric Auditory Rehabilitation Centre) - Lynne Brewster, Alexa Gorenko
Speech Bananas - Jenny Regnery Reeder
Sunshine Cottage
The LISTEN Foundation - Nancy Caleffe-Schenck, Nanette McClendon
The Hearing House - In New Zealand
Voice - For Hearing Impaired Children
Voice Ottawa

See these and AV providers without Web Sites on our Auditory Oral / Verbal Programs page.


See the Auditory Verbal section of the Listen Up Bookstore.
AG Bell's Publications Catalog
Wordplay Publications

This Language List is from members of the AV-Circle to assist in building vocabulary and general knowledge.

The Ling Sounds

Treatment Efficacy and Classroom Performance By Denise Wray and Carol Flexer - From the Oxford Auditory-Verbal Programme Site.

Outcome Survey of Auditory-Verbal Graduates: Study of Clinical Efficacy By Donald M. Goldberg and Carol Flexer - From the Oxford Auditory-Verbal Programme Site.

AV Interactive Discussion Forum - From the Oxford Auditory-Verbal Programme Site.

According to the Certification Council of AVI, one does not have to have to have certification to say they are providing Auditory-Verbal therapy; they just can not say they are certified and have gone through a credentials and examination process of verification. If you want to ensure that your provider has gone through the testing, ask them.

Auditory Verbal Therapy is being considered for recognition as a Clinical Specialty of ASHA and passed Stage I approval 5/97.

The Geoffrey Foundation - Assists in eliminating costs as a barrier for families who choose the auditory-verbal approach for children with hearing impairment.

The Dept. of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology at University of South Carolina  has established a specialized training program to provide extensive practica and additional coursework in Auditory-Verbal Therapy  to their speech pathology master's students.   Students who participate  receive an internal certificate acknowledging their additional training in AVT and cochlear implant habilitation. 

Parents often write asking for something they can use during their child's IEP to get their child's school district to pay for AV services. This info has been moved to Getting Your School to Provide the AV Approach.

Terapia Auditivo Verbal: Enseñar a escuchar para aprender a hablar

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