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Welcome to the Listen Up web page.  I've dedicated years to gathering information and developing products geared to the special needs of hearing impaired children and their families.  I know first-hand how difficult it is to find the information you need to deal with hearing impairment, whether you are a Parent, Teacher, Speech Pathologist, or anyone else who cares. My goal is to make this web site your one stop place for information, answers, help, ideas, resources, and anything else related to hearing-impairment.

Listen Up is a very large site so I've divided it into sections and created a web map to help guide you through the topics. 

Enjoy your visit!

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The Listen-Up List

The Listen Up Listserve

The main purpose of this group is to advocate for
the rights of our children and to make life as good for them as it can possibly be.


Information & Resources for the deaf and hard of hearing

Information and Resources

This is the largest section of our web.  It contains a variety information that we hope will be useful to you.

Bookstore - Find hundreds of deaf resources here

The Listen Up Bookstore

A special collection of books relating to hearing impairment

What's New at Listen Up?

What's New at Listen Up?

A Special Greeting from our hearing impaired son

A Special Greeting For First Time Visitors

My son saying, "Welcome To Listen-Up!



Awards we give and awards we have received.

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Looking for the Listen Up sound amplifier?

You've found the wrong site! is not affiliated with the company that sells this device.  We do not sell endorse or even recommend off the shelf amplification for hearing impaired persons.  Please see a professional audiologist for your amplification needs.


Visit this section of our website for Handmade Glass Art Beads & Resources, Cross Stitch Patterns, Machine Embroidery Patterns, Backgrounds, and other fun stuff.

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