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Meningitis Concerns - Because many are concerned about the CI being linked to Meningitis.
dmnd-rd.gif (997 bytes)Notes about the N-24 3G - Because it's so popular and folks are asking many questions about it, here are some notes on my son's experiences and other things about it you may want to know.
Cochlear Corp has 3 videos out that are packed with information. For a copy of these, please contact your Mapping Audiologist or Cochlear USA.
* What to Expect at a Child's Hook-Up
* What to Expect at Adult Hook-up
* Nucleus Accessories and Assistive Listening Devices; Tips to maximize your hearing
dmnd-rd.gif (997 bytes)Ask Listen-Up - Our new page where we try to answer your cochlear implant related questions.
Looking for a new idea on how to wear your speech processor? We've collected ideas from many sources and put them on our new CI Holders, Pouches, Harnesses, Fanny Packs, Shirts... page.
dmnd-rd.gif (997 bytes)You can insure the external portions of a cochlear implant against loss or theft with a rider on your home insurance policy. When insuring this way, be sure to carefully examine exactly what is covered. Visit our page on Homeowner's Coverage! Information about companies that may cover these devices can be found on our section listing providers for Hearing Aid Insurance.
Sources Of Cochlear Implant Funding
dmnd-rd.gif (997 bytes)How to adjust the Headset Magnet for your Cochlear Implant.
An Article From the Washington Post about Cochlear Implants.
dmnd-rd.gif (997 bytes)Back to School time. Some tips about children with CIs and school.
Cochlear Implant Myths & Realities - Our attempt to clear up some of the misinformation about Cochlear Implants.
dmnd-rd.gif (997 bytes)Cochlear Implant Presentation by Dr. John Niparko
Hints & Tips - From Cochlear Implant users and parents of young users.
dmnd-rd.gif (997 bytes)Mapping for Dummies - This page is intended for therapists or others to provide them with basic information about CI mapping.
Music Perception and Enjoyment of CI Users: A Brief Overview of Research Findings - Presented by Kate Gfeller CICI convention, July 25, 1999. 
dmnd-rd.gif (997 bytes)Turned on: Cochlear Implants for Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing Persons - The author of this paper, Beverly Biderman, has graciously allowed us to place a copy of her paper here on our web site. You can also view this paper at the Disabilities Information Resources (DINF) Web Site.
My son wears a hearing aid in his unimplanted ear. Some implant centers advise use of the cochlear implant only and some centers advise to let the user decide for themselves. Our center lets the user decide, and many people we run across express surprise at his using both at the same time. I ran across a posting from an adult who explains why she prefers to wear both and she's kind enough to let me share it with you. Benefits of Using a Hearing Aid and a Cochlear Implant at the Same Time.
dmnd-rd.gif (997 bytes)Scuba Diving with an Implant is addressed on our Cochlear Implant Myths & Realities page. Similar info about the Clarion can be found here.
There are a number of ways to insure the external portions of the cochlear implant against loss or damage. One thing you might want to note is that the warranty of a new device may or may not cover loss - I've heard that one manufacturer does and one doesn't so you might want to ask your implant center about this. Sometimes you can insure against loss or theft with a rider on your home insurance policy. When insuring this way, be sure to carefully examine exactly what is covered. Visit our page on Homeowner's Coverage of hearing aids to see why! You can also insure the external parts through ESCO.
dmnd-rd.gif (997 bytes)If your insurance or Medicare/Medicaid covered the cost of the cochlear implant, they may also cover the cost of repairs and supplies necessary for implant to operate (cords, batteries, etc.) Talk to your health care advisor to see if these items are covered in your policy. They are in Medicare/Medicaid. Also, if you're on Medicare/Medicaid, when you place your order, be sure to tell them. They'll take care of the necessary paperwork. If repairs are covered by your policy or Medicare/Medicaid, then the service contract offered by the manufacturers may not be necessary. Why pay twice for the same coverage?
For folks with Cochlear Implants who want to practice their newfound hearing to develop listening skills on an independent basis, there are a number of online sites with listening exercises - usually developed for those who are learning English as a second language. Here are some to get you started:

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Audio Simulations

People's Experiences - Some of these stories are on our website, and some of them are on theirs.

News Articles About People with Cochlear Implants

Web Sites by People with a CI (or their parents)

These websites contain more info than just their story, and so we included this category.


  • Advanced Bionics - Clarion. They have a second website. They have several cochlear implant users training in different professions to answer questions concerning the Advanced Bionics devices.
  • Advanced Cochlear Systems
  • AllHear - Single channel device
  • Cochlear  - Nucleus 22, N24, ESPrit Ear Level Speech Processor, and the ESPrit 3G. Patient Advocates will be glad to speak with recipients and potential candidates.
  • MED-EL - MED-EL is the manufacture of the Combi40+ Implants and Tempo+ BTE Speech Processor.  The COMBI 40+ system provides three electrodes options for a range of surgical conditions. 

Programs For Aural Rehab After Implantation - These programs are either ones that I'm personally familiar with, or that have been recommended to me by a very trusted source. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, only a starting place.

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