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Audiology Resources


A group of parents I belong to was discussing the experiences each of us had when our child was diagnosed. Parent's Wish List for Audiologists was a list of things we came up with that we felt would have been beneficial for us to have learned from the audiologist, things we had to learn the hard way. It was put online by my very good friend with the hopes that it would help audiologists know what types of things would be helpful for them to pass along to parents. It has since been refined to this new version of the Parent's Wish List for Audiologists.

 Quotes from Carol Flexer - I put up this page because I'm often asked for supporting evidence on how hearing loss can affect a child and the importance of maintaining appropriate amplification.  


A parent sent me the following tip:

I thought that the following information could be useful for other parents whose children refuse to cooperate during In-the-Ear Probe Microphone Test. Our son used to rip off his hearing aids the moment the probe was inserted under the ear mold. Last week, we eventually succeeded in performing of In-the Ear Probe Microphone Test after my wife came up with the brilliant idea: we brought in a portable TV with built-in VCR and let Nathan watch his favorite cartons with muted sound. He was so preoccupied with cartoons that didn't resist the testing.

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