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Clues : Speech Reading for Adults by Pamela J. Feehan, Ruth A. Samuelsen, Deborah T. Seymour. ISBN: 0890794278.

Hearing by Eye : The Psychology of Lip-Reading by Barbara Dodd, Ruth Campbell. ISBN: 086377038X.

I Can't Hear You in the Dark : How to Learn and Teach Lip-reading by Betty Woerner Carter. ISBN: 0398067899.

Lip-reading for Children : A Synthetic Approach to Lip-reading by George S. Haspiel. ISBN: 999109590X.

Lip-reading Made Easy by Audrey B. Greenwald. ISBN: 0882001566.

Lip Reading Made Easy by Edward Nitchie. ISBN: 0915179229.

Look, Now Hear This : Combined Auditory Training and Speech-Reading Instruction by Janet Jeffers. ISBN: 0398038309.

New Reflections on Speechreading by Carol Lee Defilippo. ISBN: 999951944X.

One to One Lip-reading Lessons for Kids 7-12 by Jill Aubrbach. ISBN: 0398047979.

One-To-One Lip-reading Lessons for Teenagers by Jill Auerbach. ISBN: 0398044775.

Speechreading by Harriet Kaplan. ISBN: 9995644967. Discusses the nature and process of speechreading, its benefits, and its limitations. This useful book clarifies commonly-held misconceptions about speechreading. The beginning chapters address difficult communication situations and problems related to the speaker, the speechreader, and the environment. It then offers strategies to manage them. This book provides practical exercises illustrating the use of these communication strategies in actual situations. It is an excellent book for late deafened adults, their families and friends, parents of children with hearing loss, and professionals and students.

Speechreading by Janet Jeffers. ISBN: 0398061823.

Speechreading : A Way to Improve Understanding by Harriet Kaplan, Carol Garretson, Scott J. Bally. ISBN: 0930323327.

Speechreading by Humans and Machines : Models, Systems, and Applications by David G. Stork, Marcus E. Hennecke. ISBN: 3540612645.

Speech Reading in Context by D. Deyo. ISBN: 999558607X.

Teach Yourself Lip-Reading by O. M. Wyatt. ISBN: 0398021287.

What People Say : The Nitchie School Basic Course in Lip-reading by Kathryn Alling. Ordman. ISBN: 088200073X.

Your Eyes Hear for You : A Self-Help Course in Speechreading by Irving S. Marcus. ISBN: 9996687155.


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