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A Button in Her Ear by Ada Bassett Litchfield. ISBN: 0807509876. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. A picture book. Angela, a young girl with a hearing loss, describes how her hearing loss was detected, and talks about her audiologic examination, the hearing aid fitting, and how her hearing aid helps her. She explains that she now misunderstands speech only occasionally and states that she can turn off her hearing aid when she doesn't want to listen to her friend, Buzzie.

A Very Special Friend by Dorothy Levi. ISBN: 0930323556. Ages 4-8. A picture book. Frannie is sad because she has no friends. When she meets Laura, who uses sign language, she becomes even sadder because she thinks she can't talk to Laura. Laura teaches Frannie sign language, and they are best friends by the end of the summer. This book is out of print.

Abby Gets a Cochlear Implant by Maureen Cassidy Riski. ISBN: 0981648606. This children's picture book illustrates the process of how Abby gets a cochlear implant. Abby, who wears purple hearing aids, has a progressive hearing loss and her family chooses a cochlear implant for her. The story goes on to describe hearing testing, cochlear implants and the steps a family would take to explore this option of habilitation for their child who has hearing loss.

Apple Is My Sign by Mary Riskind. ISBN: 0395657474. Reading Level: Young Adult. Harry, a 10-year-old deaf child of deaf parents who own a Pennsylvania apple farm, is sent to a residential school in Philadelphia around the turn of the century. Wary of hearing people, Harry's father always keeps his family separated from them. The family is changed, however, when Harry comes home from school at Christmas and shares what he has learned from his classmates.

Becky by Karen Hirsch. ISBN: 0876141440. Ages 9-12. Becky, a young deaf girl, lives with a hearing family during the week while attending a school for deaf students. The family learns sign language and becomes sensitive to deafness. The book is written from the point of view of a girl in this family.

Belonging by Virginia M. Scott.ISBN: 0930323335. Reading Level: Young Adult. The world of Gustie Blaine changes dramatically in the summer of her fifteenth year. That's when Gustie contracts meningitis, which results in the gradual loss of her hearing. Some peers, once thought of as her friends, eliminate her from their group, but new friendships help her overcome this disappointment. After a few months, Gustie begins to accept and adjust to her loss of hearing.

Buttons: The Dog Who Was More Than a Friend by Linda Yeatman. ISBN: 0812039564. Ages 9-12. When Buttons, a mixed breed puppy is first taken from his home on a farm to live with a family, he is very lonely and homesick. He quickly develops a strong bond with the family, however, particularly with Phillip, the youngest boy in the family, who is deaf. Buttons has many happy experiences with the family until one day, while chasing a rabbit during a family picnic, he gets lost. While looking for his family, Buttons is found by a nice woman who decides to take him to an animal shelter. There, Buttons is chosen to be trained as a hearing ear dog for deaf people. when Buttons completes his training he is taken to the home of the family with whom he will live and work. When Buttons arrives to meet his "new family," everyone is in for a happy surprise. This book is out of print.

Can You Feel the Thunder by Lynn E. McElfresh. ISBN: 068982324X. Ages 9-12. Thirteen-year-old Mic Parsons struggles with mixed feelings about his deaf and blind sister while at the same time he makes his way through the turmoils of junior high.

Cheshire Moon by Nancy Butts. ISBN: 1886910081. Reading Level: Ages 9-12. A chapter book. After the death of her best friend, a twelve-year-old hearing-impaired girl faces the choice of self-destruction through denial and withdrawal or self-acceptance in the real, hearing world.

Chris Gets Ear Tubes by Betty Pace. ISBN: 093032336X. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. Chris has chronic ear infections that begin to affect his hearing. He goes to the hospital for a minor operation; the doctor inserts tiny tubes to drain the fluid from his middle hear and to improve his hearing.

Crocodile Meatloaf by Nancy Simpson Levene. ISBN: 0781400007. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. A chapter book. As she becomes friends with Rachel, a deaf girl who has joined her sixth grade class, Alex begins to feel that God has given her a mission to protect Rachel from the boy who is tormenting her. This book is out of print.

Discovering Friendship (Publish-A-Book) by Sharona Kadish. ISBN: 0811444589. When Kimberly, who is hearing impaired, joins her sixth-grade class, Samantha befriends her and learns sign language. This book is on backorder with the publisher.

Flying Fingers Club

bullet Flying Fingers Club by Jean F. Andrews. ISBN: 0930323440. Ages 9-12. The 2 main characters in this series are Donald (learning disabled) and Matt (deaf). Nine year old Donald isn't looking forward to a new school year in a new city without his old friend, Jackie. On his first day of school, he meets Matt, who is deaf. Donald learns some signs, and the two boys become friends. When Jackie comes to visit, the three boys embark on an adventure to investigate why newspapers are disappearing from Donald's sister's newspaper route. This book is out of print.
bullet Ghost of Tomahawk Creek (Flying Fingers Club) by Jean F. Andrews. ISBN: 1883120012. Ages 9-12. The 2 main characters in this series are Donald (learning disabled) and Matt (deaf). This book is out of print.
bullet Haste Luego, San Diego (Flying Fingers Club) by Jean F. Andrews. ISBN: 0930323831. Reading Level: Ages 9-12. The 2 main characters in this series are Donald (learning disabled) and Matt (deaf). Mystery solving duo of the Flying Fingers Club take a trip to San Diego with Donald's mother and sister, Susan. The first evening in their hotel, they meet the mysterious Hector, a young boy who is covered with bumps and bruises that he refuses to explain. During the course of their California visit, the two boys solve the mystery of the stolen cockatoos and learn a solemn lesson about child abuse.
bullet Secret in the Dorm Attic (Flying Fingers Club) by Jean F. Andrews. ISBN: 0930323661. Ages 9-12. The 2 main characters in this series are Donald (learning disabled) and Matt (deaf). While visiting his friend, Matt, at Matt's residential school for deaf students, Donald notices some strange happenings in the dormitory's attic. Donald and Matt of the Flying Fingers Club, and their new friend, Saleem, a recent transfer to the residential school from Pakistan, begin solving the case of a missing necklace. During his visit, Donald learns quite a bit about American Sign Language and about feeling left out, and all the boys in Matt's dorm learn a valuable lesson about accepting differences among people. This book is out of print.

Friends Everywhere (Angelwings) by Donna Jo Napoli. ISBN: 068982694X. The Little Angel of Friendship watches over Patricia, a nine-year-old deaf girl, as she moves from the family farm to the city and tries to make friends with hearing people.

Gaps in Stone Walls by John Neufeld. ISBN: 0689801025. Reading Level: Ages 9-12. In 1880 Martha's Vineyard, Merry Skiffe, profoundly deaf, is accused of murder. The 12-year-old faces two seemingly impossible tasks--proving that the stoniness of deafness can be penetrated while also trying to prove her own innocence before the law. Historically accurate.

Going With the Flow  by Claire H. Blatchford. ISBN: 1575052849. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. When Mark changes schools in mid-year, he is angry, lonely, and embarrassed by his deafness, but he soon begins to adjust. Includes information about deafness. 

Hannie  by Barbara Luetke-Stahlman. ISBN: 188436215X. Reading Level: 9-12. Hannah is nine years old and has two deaf siblings.

Hear No Evil

Death in the Afternoon by Kate Chester. ISBN: 0590673262. Reading Level: Young Adult. This series is about a detective, Sara Howell, who is smart, savvy, beautiful--and deaf. When her father, Lt. Paul Howell, is killed by a hit-and-run driver, she feels it's her duty to find some answers. Her brother, Steve, insists the case is too dangerous for Sara, but she persists. Soon Sara finds herself in the middle of an investigation that puts her and Steve in more danger than she could imagine.


Missing by Kate Chester. ISBN: 0590673270. Reading Level: Young Adult. This series is about a detective, Sara Howell, who is smart, savvy, beautiful--and deaf. Sara thinks Kimberly Roth has it all. But Kimberly has a problem--she's missing. The police think she just wanted to get attention. But when Sara--who senses real foul play this time--digs for clues, she puts her own life in jeopardy.


Sudden Death by Kate Chester. ISBN: 059087991X. Reading Level: Young Adult. This series is about a detective, Sara Howell, who is smart, savvy, beautiful--and deaf. When Sara's friend Amy is found dead in Shadow Point Park, Sara immediately suspects Amy's possessive and sometimes violent boyfriend, Mark. Even though the police think Amy's death was an accident, Sara is determined to find the killer.


A Time of Fear by Kate Chester. ISBN: 0590673289. Reading Level: Young Adult. A chapter book. This series is about a detective, Sara Howell, who is smart, savvy, beautiful--and deaf. Refusing to give in to her fright when someone begins stalking her, Sara Howell, a deaf girl, is shattered when her dog is poisoned and begins to fear for her life. This book is out of print.


Dead and Buried by Kate Chester. ISBN: 0590673297. Reading Level: Young Adult. This series is about a detective, Sara Howell, who is smart, savvy, beautiful--and deaf. When asked to help out at a lavish fundraiser at the Radley Museum, she is part of a glittering world of glamorous people--and murder. When Sara finds the body of a museum security guard, her life is suddenly turned upside down. She is followed. Her home ransacked. Terrified when she is locked in the museum overnight, Sara realizes that someone wants her dead. But why? This book is out of print.

Hearing Aids for You and the Zoo by Richard G. Stoker. ISBN: 9995579847. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. The hearing impaired animals in the city zoo get hearing aids and learn how to take care of them. Topics described in simple terms include how a hearing aid functions, different types of hearing aids, and the proper care of hearing aids. Although designed for deaf and hard of hearing children, the book can introduce hearing children to hearing testing, hearing aids and to the concept of hearing loss.

Hero by Christina Bridges. ISBN: 0917002423. Ages 4-8. Jacob, a young deaf boy, helps capture two thieves by speechreading their get-away plans. There is discussion of Jacob's interactions with his hearing friends, rewards while playing baseball, and his feelings of frustration when he is left out of conversations and enjoying music.

Hooray for Harold  by Tim Peters. ISBN: 1879874687. Even though he has big ears, Harold Mouse has a hard time hearing. He is sad when his friends tease him because of his new hearing aids. He is able to overcome his embarrassment to help a friend in need and regain the confidence he lost. He proves to himself and to others that he has lots of special qualities. 

Hue and Cry by Elizabeth Yates. ISBN: 0890845360. Reading Level: Ages 9-12. Jared Austin, staunch member of the mutual protection society that defends his 1830's New Hampshire community against thieves, tries to temper justice with mercy when his deaf daughter Melody befriends a young Irish immigrant who has stolen a horse. This book is on backorder with the publisher.

I Can't Always Hear You by Joy Zelonky. ISBN: 0811452050. Reading Level: Ages 9-12. Kim is concerned about attending school with hearing children after attending a special school. She feels different, and is laughed at when she makes speech errors or misunderstands what is said. She feels much more comfortable after meeting the principal, who also wears a hearing aid, and after discussing individual differences with the other students. This book is out of print.

I Have a Sister, My Sister Is Deaf by Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson. ISBN: 0064430596. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. A picture book. A young girl describes everyday occurrences in her home with her younger deaf sister; what her sister can and can not do; how they communicate; speech training; and how they play together.

I Hear the Day by Catherine Johnston. ISBN: 0914562045. Grade 2-3. The story introduces Wes, a small boy with a hearing loss. Included are explanations of how his hearing aid works, the sounds he listens to, how each person is special and how he is the same as other children. Workbook ISBN: 0914562053 is also available.

I'm Deaf and It's Okay by Lorraine Aseltine. ISBN: 0807534722. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. A picture book. A young boy acts out feelings of disappointment, unhappiness, and anger caused by his deafness; he feels apprehensive about the prospect of wearing a hearing aid when he becomes an adult. A deaf teenager helps the boy overcome his frustrations by convincing him that the future can be bright. Signs associated with this story are shown at the end of the book.

Invisible Inc.
bullet The Schoolyard Mystery (Invisible Inc.No 1)* by Elizabeth Levy. ISBN: 0590474839. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. A beginning chapter book. Chip, an invisible boy, Justin, a boy with a hearing loss, and Charlene are on the case as Invisible Inc. Justin wears an FM receiver, reads lips, and often notices things others don't.
bullet The Mystery of the Missing Dog (Invisible Inc.No 2)* by Elizabeth Levy. ISBN: 0590474847. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. A beginning chapter book. Chip, an invisible boy, Justin, a boy with a hearing loss, and Charlene are on the case as Invisible Inc. Justin wears an FM receiver, reads lips, and often notices things others don't. When Chip's invisible dog disappears on the way to a dog show, Invisible Inc is hot on the trail. Justin spots a clue the others miss which helps them solve the mystery.
bullet The Snack Attack Mystery (Invisible Inc.No 3)* by Elizabeth Levy. ISBN: 0590602896. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. A beginning chapter book. Chip, an invisible boy, Justin, a boy with a hearing loss, and Charlene are on the case as Invisible Inc. Justin wears an FM receiver, reads lips, and often notices things others don't. When snacks start disappearing from their cubbies at school, Invisible Inc is on the case. First they suspect the teachers because Justin overhears his teacher talking about a diet when his teacher forgets to turn his microphone off. Then they suspect a new girl at school. Finally Chip hides in the classroom and catches the real thieves.
bullet The Creepy Computer Mystery (Invisible Inc.No 4)* by Elizabeth Levy. ISBN: 0590603221. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. A beginning chapter book. Chip, an invisible boy, Justin, a boy with a hearing loss, and Charlene are on the case as Invisible Inc. Justin wears an FM receiver, reads lips, and often notices things others don't. When the class goes online to invite their favorite author, D. B. Spooks, to visit their school, someone starts sending scary messages over the school computer, and their invisible companion must help to save the day.
bullet The Karate Class Mystery (Invisible Inc.No 5)* by Elizabeth Levy. ISBN: 059060323X. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. A beginning chapter book. Chip, an invisible boy, Justin, a boy with a hearing loss, and Charlene are on the case as Invisible Inc. Justin wears an FM receiver, reads lips, and often notices things others don't. When someone takes Justin's karate belt, his friends in Invisible Inc. try to determine a motive as they investigate the mystery.
bullet Parents' Night Fright (Invisible Inc.No 6) by Elizabeth Levy. ISBN: 0590603248. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. A beginning chapter book. Chip, an invisible boy, Justin, a boy with a hearing loss, and Charlene are on the case as Invisible Inc. Justin wears an FM receiver, reads lips, and often notices things others don't.

Is That You, Miss Blue? by M. E. Kerr. ISBN: 0060231459. Reading Level: Young Adult. This novel introduces Flanders Brown, and describes her experiences making new friends and adjusting to life in a girl's boarding school. One of her new friends is Agnes Thatcher, a deaf girl. The incidents involving Agnes provide a contrast between the relatively easy adjustments the students make for Agnes' deafness and the negative attitudes of the instructors. This book is out of print.

Jake's the Name: Sixth Grade's the Game by Deb Piper. ISBN: 0880921358. Reading Level: Young Adult. Jake is a typical adoclescent with opinions about everything. He is also deaf and mainstreamed into a public school. Jake explains in a humorous way what it is like for him to be deaf and how others react to him.

Jessi's Secret Language (The Baby-Sitters Club , No 16) by Ann M. Martin. ISBN: 0590604104. Reading Level: Ages 9-12. Baby-Sitters Club member Jessi begins to learn sign language when she starts babysitting for a deaf boy and his hearing sister who have recently moved to the neighborhood. All the children in the area then want to learn the secret language. Meanwhile, Jessi is working on a special dance surprise for her deaf charge and the other deaf second graders in his class.

Just Like Everybody Else by Lillian Rosen. ISBN: 0152416528. Reading Level: Young Adult. Jenny, a 15-year-old high school student, loses her hearing in an accident. Her friends and family are supportive and try to help her with her frustrations. A deaf teenager with deaf parents helps Jenny cope with her deafness. This book is out of print.

Lisa and Her Soundless World by Edna Levine. ISBN: 0898852048. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. The author explains deafness by introducing Lisa, an eight-year-old deaf girl. Deafness is described from the perspective and experiences of hearing children. Includes such topics as: speechreading and its problems; speech training through vibratory, auditory and visual modes, and hearing aid use; and sign language. The book emphasizes that deaf people without successful oral skills are as intelligent as deaf people with successful oral skills. This book is on backorder with the publisher.

Mandy by Barbara D. Booth. ISBN: 0688103383. Ages 4-8. A picture book. The story of a young deaf girl and her grandmother. One day during a walk in the woods, Mandy's grandmother loses a pin that was given to her by her husband years before their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Mandy's grandmother is devastated by the loss, but Mandy finds the pin when she sneaks into the woods after dark, braving an oncoming thunderstorm to search for the pin. The love and communication between Mandy and her grandmother are prominent. Mandy's perceptions as a deaf person intersperse the story line as she ponders the "odd" behavior of hearing people, or wonders how sunlight sounds when it filters through the leaves.

Mary Mehan Awake by Jennifer Armstrong. ISBN: 0679892656. Reading Level: Young Adult. While working as a servant in the home of a naturalist, Mary Mehan gradually recovers from the numbing effects of her experience as a Civil War nurse and falls in love with a man who had lost his hearing.

Matthew Pinkowski's Special Summer by Patrick Quinn. ISBN: 0964504812. Reading Level: Young Adult. When 13-year-old Matthew Pinkowski's family decides to move to a new house in a new neighborhood at the beginning of the summer, Matthew is less than excited. Matthew loves the summer because it means a break from school, where he struggles with reading and writing because of a learning disability. He is unsure about what to expect from Still Water, Minnesota, where his family is moving. Despite his concerns, Matthew's first summer in his new house is filled with adventure after adventure. First, Matthew saves the life of his young neighbor, Tommy, and gets to ride on a float in the town's Pioneer Day parade with Tommy's sister, Sandy. Later, Matthew, Tommy, and Sandy meet Laura, a deaf girl visiting her aunt and uncle in Still Water for the summer. The four become friends and figure out who is stealing boats from Laura's uncle's marina.

Moses Goes to a Concert  by Isaac Millman. ISBN: 0374350671. Reading level: Ages 4-8. The power of Millman's book comes from the simple fact that he levels the playing field; of course deaf children go to concerts, but conveying how they enjoy music removes yet one more barrier between those who can hear and those who cannot. Moses also appears in inset boxes, signing comments aimed at readers and encouraging them to attempt signs. A few spreads are given over entirely to signed conversations, with effectively diagrammed hand movements and facial expressions. The final page illustrates the signed letters of the alphabet.

Moses Goes to School by Isaac Millman. ISBN: 0374350698. Reading level: Ages 4-8. A comforting story describes the first day of school at a public school for the deaf where Moses and his classmates use American Sign Language to communicate. The gently humorous story will appeal to both hearing and deaf children. Illustrations capture the joyful hustle and bustle of school, and insets of Moses and his classmates signing translate parts of the text into ASL.

Moses Goes to the Circus by Isaac Millman. ISBN: 0374350647. Reading level: Ages 4-8. Having previously tailed young Moses to a concert (1998) and to school (2000), Millman now accompanies the deaf youngster and his hearing family to the circus. Moses uses American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with his parents and little sister, and children looking at this book can easily follow along. The richly detailed double-page spreads and the simple, descriptive text make room for boxed sequences showing Moses demonstrating signs for children to learn. By the story's end, youngsters not only will have enjoyed the circus acrobats, trapeze artists, clowns, and animal acts but also learned how to express much of the experience through ASL. A colorful depiction of a loving family and its entertaining day at the circus that has much to offer in elementary-school applications.

Moses Sees a Play by Isaac Millman. ISBN: 0374350663. Reading level: Ages 4-8. Moses, a young deaf child who in previous books has gone to school, attended a concert, and been to the circus, now sees a play. The Little Theater of the Deaf is performing Cinderella at Moses' school, and a group of hearing children from another school are going to attend. A straightforward text and appealing ink-and-watercolor artwork, well detailed with classroom minutiae, tell the story in the traditional way, but each spread also features boxed sequences showing Moses describing the action in American Sign Language (ASL). At the book's conclusion, the pictures show him recapping the whole event for his mother in ASL. In a subplot, Moses meets Manuel, a boy from the other school, who speaks only Spanish, but they become friends; their relationship is an interesting bridge to the various ways that people communicate. A book that's as pleasurable to read as it is informative.

Muddy Four Paws by Jean Ure. ISBN: 0764109685. Reading level: Ages 9-12. Eleven-year-old Clara and her best friend rescue a huge and unruly abandoned dog, but her mother won't let Clara keep it until she finds out that the dog has something in common with Clara's younger brother Benjy.

My Treasure Is My Friend by Michael Talbott. ISBN: 0917002549. Reading Level: Ages 9-12. David, an 11-year-old hearing boy, meets his new neighbors, who have an 11-year-old deaf son, Chris. David learns to sign, and the two boys become friends. As a birthday present to David, Chris learns to say, "My treasure is my friend, David."

Nick's Mission (Lerner Mysteries) by Claire H. Blatchford. ISBN: 0822507404. Reading Level: Ages 9-12. Nick, a deaf sixth grader, is upset about having to go to speech therapy over the summer, until he and his dog stumble on some dangerous smugglers and he learns the importance of being able to communicate.

Nick's Secret  by Claire H. Blatchford. ISBN: 0822507439. Reading Level: Ages 9-12. While not high art, this simple mystery will satisfy young readers who will enjoy the intrigue, and it has the bonus of having a hearing-impaired hero.

Northern Lights  by Anne Colledge. ISBN: 1902628810. 9-year old Matthew is deaf, but he still has big adventures as told in this collection of short stories. Visit this page to hear a reading from this book. There are exciting stories about castles, smugglers, a dolphin and a seal. Each story touches positively on a different aspect of deafness, such as, hearing aids, lip reading and very slightly on signing. Matthew’s deafness does not hold him back. Unfortunately, this book is not available through in America, but it is at, Barnes and Noble or through the publisher. Visit the Author's website here.

Patrick Gets Hearing Aids by Maureen C. Riski. ISBN: 0964769107. Reading level: All Ages. A picture book. Aimed at youngsters with a hearing impairment. Through a series of cartoons the book tells the story of Patrick the Rabbit and the changes in his life before and after he is fitted with a hearing aid. This is a useful tool in calming the fears a youngster may have at the prospect of visiting the doctor or audiologist. There is also a useful Speech and Hearing Checklist at the back of the book for parents to chart their child’s progress in speech and hearing.

Raging Quiet by Sherryl Jordan. ISBN: 0689821409. Villagers accuse a young newcomer of witchcraft when she discovers the village madman is not crazy but deaf--and she can communicate with him through hand gestures.

Robin Sees a Song  by J Pahz. ISBN: 0913072273. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. Robin, a young deaf girl, learns through a dream that songs can be appreciated in many modes other than sound. This book is written in poetry form.

Rosa's Parrot  by Jan Wah. ISBN: 1580890113. Reading level: Ages 4-8. Rosa is hard of hearing and she relies on her parrot, Pico, to repeat things loudly for her, but sometimes Pico takes advantage of Rosa to
create mischief. 

Search by Dorothy Fournier. ISBN: 0917002717. Ages 9-12. Laura, a young girl with a hearing loss, is anxious about meeting new people. When she loses her earmold and hearing aid receiver on a family camping trip, she is happily surprised that everyone is willing to help her find them.

Season of Change by Lois L. R. Hodge. ISBN: 0930323270. Reading Level: Young Adult. Thirteen-year-old Biney Richmond has a serious hearing loss. She feels that her parents don't trust her ability to make decisions for herself and that Gene, the brother of her best friend, is making fun of her hearing loss. Biney learns that Gene secretly wants to date her and his teasing only means he feels uncomfortable about asking her out. When Gene has an accident, Biney proves to everyone, including herself, that she has grown up.

Sharing (Song of the Sea, Bk. 3) by Stephen E. Cosgrove. ISBN: 1558680667. Reading Level: Young Adult. Sharing, a deaf scientist, learns to communicate with dolphins and whales and is soon discussing philosophy and religion with them. She attends their conclave where they sing the Song of the Sea to determine the fate of humans, the enemy.

Silent Dances by A.C. Crispin. ISBN: 0441783309. Deaf since birth, Tesa is the perfect ambassador to the alien Grus, whose sonic cries can shatter human ears. But her mission is harder than it looks. The Grus are not alone on their world. They have deadly enemies, both natural and otherwise. And if Tesa is to save all life on the planet, she will have to make peace with not one alien species... but -two-. 

Silent Lotus by Jeanne M. Lee. ISBN: 0374466467. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. Lotus, a beautiful, graceful child who can not hear or speak, is a source of joy to her parents. Near the lake where she grows up, Lotus walks among the herons and egrets, but feels rejected by other children. Looking for a sign from the gods, her parents take her to the temple in the city, where they see temple dancers. When Lotus imitates their movements, this is the sign to her parents. They go to the palace and Lotus dances for the king and queen, who are delighted with her beauty and grace. Lotus becomes a dancer in the Cambodian court, telling the tales of gods and kings with her hands, body, and feet.

Somethin by Michael Talbott. ISBN: 0917002548. Reading Level: Ages 4-8. Patti, a hearing impaired three-year-old, is told by her mother that she is "really somethin'." Patti, misunderstands what "really somethin'" means, and has an imaginary conversation with things she finds in her garden. Patti discovers through introspection that the term "really somethin'" means that she is a special individual.

Sound Friendships: The Story of Willa and Her Hearing Dog  by Elizabeth Yates. ISBN: 0890846502. Reading Level: Young Adult. Willa decides to get a hearing ear dog. The story recounts the weeks of training, her adjustment to having a dog at home and at work, and the romance that develops between her and a neighbor.

Signs of Spring  by Patrick J. Quinn. ISBN: 0964504804. Reading Level: 9-12. Twelve year-old Eddie lives successfully with his deafness. His predicaments and their solutions have little to do with his hearing loss. Eddie moves from the big city to the remote forests of northern Minnesota. There he learns some hard lessons about the true meaning of home and gains first-hand knowledge of his Native American Ojibwe culture. Eddie is given this knowledge by his great-grandfather, Gray Eyes, who is losing some of his hearing with advancing age. Eddie returns the favor by teaching his great-grandfather some ways to cope with his hearing loss.

Thanks a Lot  by Lucille R Kraiman. ISBN: 1884362052. Reading Level: 9-12. Jordan is in a new school that doesn't use sign.

The Gift of the Girl Who Couldn't Hear by Susan Richards Shreve. ISBN: 0688116949. Reading Level: Young Adult. A chapter book. The summer she turns thirteen, Eliza Westfield decides she doesn't like herself. She becomes moody, insecure, bad-tempered, and overweight. She carries this mood back to school. Her grades drop and she decides not to try out for the lead role in the seventh grade musical, her goal since third grade. Lucy, her best friend, is her personable, outgoing, and pretty classmate and neighbor. Lucy is also deaf and determined to have a role in the musical. Eliza agrees to teach Lucy to sing for the audition. Not until the audition does Eliza realize Lucy's gift to her. Eliza's matter-of-fact descriptions of Lucy's manner, of her interactions with schoolmates, and her efforts to learn to sign introduce readers positively to what it means to be deaf.

The Spelling Window (Pennant) by Dawn L. Watkins. ISBN: 0890846774. During a trip to the state capitol, Shelly is embarrassed by her deaf neighbor Seth's loud voice and exuberance, until an accident brings her a new respect for his feelings. 

Tuck Triumphant by Theodore Taylor. ISBN: 0380713233. Reading Level: Ages 9-12. Fourteen-year-old Helen, her blind dog Friar Tuck, and her family face some dramatic challenges when they discover that the six-year-old Korean boy they have adopted is deaf. The family feels that Chok-Do's problems may be more than they can handle. Helen's determination to find a way and the special relationship that develops between the boy and the dog enables the family to make their decisions.

What About Me? by Joann Klusmeyer. ISBN: 0570036410. Reading Level: Ages 9-12. Arnie, a young Christian boy, is having a very frustrating summer. The star catcher on his baseball team, Arnie is moved down from the A team to the B team because he can't make it to team practices. He can't make it because he has to babysit his four-year-old deaf sister every day. To make matters worse, Arnie will not be able to go to summer camp this year because his family can't afford it. And after this year, Arnie will be too old for both the camp and the baseball team. This is his last chance! Arnie is very discouraged, but he honestly believes that through his faith and trust in God a solution to his problems will become apparent. This book is out of print.

When I Grow Up  by Candri Hodges. ISBN: 0944727263. Reading Level: 9-12. For Career Day, Jimmy a deaf student meets deaf grown ups with interesting careers.

Wolf Country: A Mystery in Progress by Barbara H. Robbins. ISBN: 0963006029. Written for ages 6 and up, the text and "sign language" of the wolf, its habits and habitats are simple fascinating as Barbara Robbins takes the reader on a sign-language odyssey.

Won't Someone Help Anna (Sweet Valley Twins and Friends, No 69) by Francine Pascal. ISBN: 0553480561. Reading Level: Ages 9-12. When one of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield's classmates begins to act strangely, nobody knows the reason why, until a new deaf girl at school helps the other students understand their friend's mysterious behavior.

Words in Our Hands by Ada B. Litchfield. ISBN: 0807592129. A young hearing boy explains his feelings about living in a family with deaf parents. He illustrates different communication modes and devices used at his home -- flashing lights and a TDD (a device for two-way typed phone conversations).

"Pictures only" means there is very little text in the book.

"Picture book" means there are pictures with text.

"Beginning chapter book" means there are chapters, large text, and pictures on most pages.

"Chapter book" means the book is mostly text and there may or may not be pictures. 

Listen Up is not currently available through but you can get your copy directly from the author by visiting

Descriptions for many of these children's books comes from the National Information Center on Deafness' Have You Ever Wondered About Hearing Loss and Deafness?: An Annotated Bibliography of Children's Books About Deaf And Hard Of Hearing People. You can purchase your copy of this publication from them if you want your own copy of this resource. Listen Up would like to thank NICD for allowing us to use their descriptions so that you may make the best possible selection for your child.


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