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Central Auditory Processing Disorder


An Internet Guide to Understanding Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Capd-Apd Age Restrictions

CAPD Handout for Parents and Teachers

CAPD Intervention: Strategies that Work! - From The Hearing Review

Central Auditory Processing Disorders

Central Auditory Processing Disorders: An Overview of Assessment and Management Practices

Central Auditory Processing Problems

Classroom Amplification Equipment: Not Just for the Hearing Impaired Anymore

Living and Working with Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Modifying Classroom Acoustics for Students with CAPD

National Coalition on Auditory Processing Disorders, Inc.

Processing Deficits

Recognizing and Treating Children with Central Auditory Processing Disorders

Resources for Parents of Children with Central Auditory Processing Disorders

Virtual Tour of the Ear

Our audiologist tells us that the manufacturers of all standardized tests for CAPD state that results are invalidated if hearing loss is present. She also tells me that AV therapy would be excellent for a child with CAPD, as well as Earobics and FastForWord.

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